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Non alcoholic wine in Spain & Italy

Is it possible to purchase non alcoholic wine in Spain - Madrid and Barcelona , and Italy - Rome and Florence.
My sister can no longer drink wine due to medication issues but still "enjoys" a sip. She will be traveling with me this year - does anyone know of a source .

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Do you mean grape juice? I have not seen any reference to non-alcoholic wine over the years. But wasn't really looking either. Not even sure I have seen it in the US. I know there is non-alcoholic beer.

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I mean non alcoholic wine - Carl Jung - a German brand and Ariel from California are two of several brands available in North America.
I contacted the Carl Jung company - they do not sell in Italy or Spain. Ariel has not answered my request for info.
I was hoping some traveler may have come across the beverage.

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I can't remember any non-alcoholic wines in my visit to the Vicenza area of Italy with Venice being the gateway city but we were in a somewhat small town.

You could try to look up restaurants in the towns you are visiting using Google Maps or the like and check out their menus. However, a lot of menus concentrate on the dishes and not the drinks. Your sister may need to stick to bottle water, with or without the carbonation.

"Winezero" advertises that they are "THE FIRST NON ALCOHOLIC WINE MADE IN ITALY IN THE WORLD WITH BEST ITALIAN GRAPES". That seems to imply that non-alcoholic wines are not common in Italy.

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Not even sure I have seen it in the US.

My local supermarket sells it as a generic brand. On the label it says "product of Italy" so it must be available somewhere across the pond. You can also get it on-line:

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You can find it in the US, but I think it would be considered heresy in Europe and you risk being burned as witch.