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I saw plenty of hocks and knuckles there, but no necks! Agree on the plenty of beer, absolutely. I was delighted to find Pilsener Urquell at Trader Joe's when I got home.

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I always order "echine" when I see it on the menu in a French restaurant. Very underrated cut. Once a waiter told me that they'd cooked it for nine hours.

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you will get roast pork shoulder or sometimes translated as pork neck as a standard meal in many places in the Czech republic. on a Czech menu you will see it as this. vepřová pečeně, usually served with bread dumplings (houskové knedlíky) and saurkrauat , I think you will be able to work that one out.
I eat it on a regular basis when in the country , great cheap standard fare though versions do vary.The important thing is the ratio of dumpling to gravy, you don't want dumpling left and no gravy or vice versa.