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Holle formula in Spain and France available?

Hi everyone,
we'll be traveling through Spain and France in a couple of months with our 8 month old.
She uses Holle formula and after the doctor switched her to this one because of stomach troubles. Anyone knows if this formula is available in Spain and France?
Many thanks in advance,

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Make sure the ingredients are identical if your child needs to avoid certain ingredients. Even with prescription medication, you may get different doses or slightly different ingredients under the same brand name in different countries.

So, reading the fine print is vital.

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you always should get the information from Holle directly ( You can always bring the formula you need or also order from your distributor if you are going to stay in one place for more then just a few days.
If you cannot bring the formula your baby is used too I'd also suggest that you check the ingredients very well but I'm sure you and your baby are going to be fine and you'll find a solution!

Take care!

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Lena, just wanted to give you our experience with Holle. Our grandson was finally doing really well because of having Holle then at 12 months he was switched to the Stage 4 as advised. The ingredients of Stage 4 are quite a bit different from the Stage 3 as the baby's system has developed more. He was in agony after one bottle so our daughter gave him half Stage 4 and half goat's milk which was easier on his tummy and improved the bleeding diaper rash...for a couple of days. He's taking only goat's milk now and has completely recovered and growing well! Checking many reviews, our experience is similar to many others.
Just wanted you to know especially because while you're traveling would be an awful time to have to deal with this type of experience although hopefully your baby won't ever have to!

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Dear Darcy,
thank you very much! I'm taking this advice strongly.
I will talk about this to my husband and I hope we'll find a solution!