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Cardiac low sodium, no added salt diet

Is it possible to request a low sodium or a no salt added meal in European restaurants?

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Sure, where in Europe are you going and what kind of no salt low sodium meal do you eat at home or restaurants in the USA?

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Sure. People in Europe have heart problems need low sodium diets just as you do. They will have heard the request before. Just ask.

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My wife has some heart issues and eats no salt. Our biggest problem is her timing out her medications for when we're on tours, etc. When she takes Lasix, we have to do nothing for the next 3 hours because she's running to the rest room every few minutes.

Eating's the least of our problems.

My wife cannot walk long distances any longer--after having Covid. We have a folding lightweight electric scooter that she uses to take her everywhere. My problem is that I cannot walk and keep up with her. We're getting ready to go on our 4th trip with her on her scooter, and it's not slowing us down much.