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Marzipan and Dulces in Toledo

3 yrs ago, going to one of the convents for some sweets was a somewhat mysterious event. You rang the bell, were admitted to the interior, and a disembodied voice was heard behind the barrier/lazy Susan. You told them what you wanted, It came round the lazy susan, and you put your money on same, twirled it around and then got change . It was one of the more exotic experiences in toledo, something from another agent. Imagine my shock when today I went to the same place, and instead of a lazy Susan, a nun actually appeared! What a disappointment! I may as well have gone to a regular shop.

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Joan your post made me laugh!

Were the dulces still as good as you remember?

We purchased cookies from a church/convent in Córdoba, but were quite disappointed because they tasted stale to us.
Oh well...