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COVID-19 & Travel

Traveling in a post-pandemic world

Europe is opening up to travelers from the United States and beyond, but travel conditions are changing fast. Share your thoughts and first-hand experiences about traveling in a COVID-19 world. What factors are important to you? Have you experienced entry red tape? What about flight and hotel availability, pricing, and cancel/refund policies?

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All "COVID-19 & Travel" posts must tie directly to travel
Webmaster 0
Can insurance cover delayed passport?
fiddler729 10
Quick Update: travel following Covid
Carol now... 15
Passports and times
Steph 8
Covid Ends Family Trip for Parents Fall 2023
PattyPDX 30
PSA: Updated COVID vaccines available nationwide starting Saturday 9/16/2023 💉
David 50
Traveling with Covid: a cautionary tale
freaktraveler 18
Covid has reared its ugly head.......(Update in Main Post)
Carol now... 55
Free Covid-19 tests available again
Lo 10
Getting sick ( non Covid) while on tour.
c2hedges1 10
Current availability of Covid testing in Europe for travel insurance verification?
Lisuza 4
Paxlovid in Italy
hrhuntington 11
Poor service with travel insurance claim
ricardoswe2 19
Travel insurance coverage for Covid
Sempre Italia 🇮🇹 8
Covid Vax requirements
Newbie 34
FDA approves second bivalent covid booster
Lindy 31
COVID experience in Italy 2023 (2 parts)
TheOrdinaryRe... 36
? website or link ? over the counter prescriptions in Switzerland, Italy or hungry?
elvisparsley8 14
Pre-planning for climate disasters
jdill7 21
Covid and travel insurance
Mary 2
Travel Insurance Pay Out
CindyP 11
Medical Travel Insurance
marty 4
Travel Insurance (Credit Card + Medical Abroad Insurance)
richard.reyes25 18
COVID+ after Paris & the heart of France 6/20-30/23
leslie.amerson 22
Travel Insurance Update from our COVID-affected Italy trip
TheOrdinaryRe... 6
d-vstinson 4
Contiki Cough
uriengill 7
Looking for PCR Test at your hotel room & Dr Note??
LF 8
Timing of boosters for those who got Covid
cala 14
COVID free tour, Italy, Almost
Bob 0
South of France and Loire Valley Covid report
rlm97405 5
Covid in Portugal
julikelen 3
Yeah, there is another "On the Report" out there
Laurie Beth 1
Village Italy tour - COVID-free!
Al 3
Managing after you have to leave a tour
lois 14
Covid free tour - Portugal
Lois 38
2024 Tours - Covid Policy
D Selders 2
Viking Cruises
Bob 3
Trip Interruption Insurance
Justin 6
China's back
David 13
Weekly COVID-19 stats
Al 3
COVID and Group Tours
margie 38
Eurostar travel from UK to Paris covid test question
Sarah 8
Misplaced my original covid vaccine card
lisco123 10
Confused about buying travel insurance.
jlouky 18
COVID test requirements returning from Europe
tavoorhees 4
Trip Insurance: RS Covid policies, but you don't test positive for Covid
kartalcott 4
Trip Insurance -- what to insure?
jdill7 13
Covid Travel Insurance--please respond!!!
jdill7 7
Japan to downgrade COVID to 'common infectious disease' on May 8
kenzo 5