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Medical Travel Insurance

Has anyone used IMG Global or Seven Corners Medical Travel Insurance? If so what was your opinion on the plans -customer service, claims etc.? Did you need to use either plan for medical evacuation?

I have numerous preexisting conditions and definitely need a medical travel plan since our US based health insurance will not cover much in the way of international medical needs while traveling. I do Not need regular travel insurance that covers cancellations and delays etc, etc..

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions. If you have other plans that worked for you, let me know.

Thanks and have an awesome day!!

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My wife and I have an Allianz AllTrips Premier plan which covers us for for 90 days at a time outside of the USA. In addition we have a Medjet Assist policy to get us home to our hospital in the USA. Travel medical insurance is a mixed bag, if you can give a little more information someone on these boards can give you their thoughts.

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I recently broke my ankle in Portugal and had to fly home to California for surgery. UGH. I had purchased year-long travel and medical coverage through DAN (Divers Alert Network). This insurance was originally intended for diving trips but doesn't have to be used this way and they cover non-dive injuries incurred on non-dive trips. You can take a look at their info at I have also heard from others that Allianz provides similar coverage. I don't think you will be able to separate out medical insurance from trip interruption/cancelation. They tend to go together. I will note that DAN does limit or not cover pre-existing issues so it might be worth calling them (I did as I have pre-existing conditions).

I will tell you that their customer service for help once injured wasn't great but they did ultimately pay to fly myself and my husband home in business class (as I had to have my leg elevated). They paid for ground transportation from SFO to my home (about 3 hours). They refunded me about $3000 of additional costs for hotels, tours, etc that couldn't be refunded. My ER bill in Portugal for 5 xrays, 4 hours of care with 3 orthopedic surgeons, and an EKG was $157 of which my US health insurance will reimburse me $57 since it was an emergency. Despite many hassles, I will buy insurance from DAN again (if they will have me).

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Thank you. I will look at DAN. But there are numerous Medical Only coverage plans out there for things like hospitalizations, medical treatment and medical transport. I am just reaching out for other's experiences with them. Allianz claims they have a medical only plan but they don't, it all inclusive travel coverage. Thnanks again

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A few people here have mentioned using GeoBlue, which offers medical-only policies. I don't know to what degree it covers medical evacuation, and I don't know whether any of our GeoBlue policy holders have needed to file a claim. You might try using the Search function here to see whether it turns up anything useful.

I believe Google is part of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield family. I've had other BC/BS policies and have never had the feeling they were dragging their feet on claims. Whether my experience with domestic medical and dental insurance has any relevance when the topic is GeoBlue travel insurance is certainly open to question.