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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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RS discounts at various shops in Europe
kathy 5
RS Travel Store sale items this week
horsewoofie 3
Samantha Brown’s Top Travel Tips - do they remind you of special times, too?
Jean 24
"Save money by NOT using third parties (like Expedia?)"
Tom 22
Save money on luggage
nayefuk 16
Saving $$$ - 1
gone 6
Saving money by avoiding mistakes
Laura B 14
Saving money is a short walk/ride away from.......
Marbleskies 14
Saving money on parking in Antwerp, BE.
atlscrapgirl 0
Saving money vs saving time vs convenience
douglas 66
Saving money while flying
skumar 9
Schwab ATM/debit card
jajomax 39
Schwab Chip and Pin
pam 4
Self-inflicted travel regrets (being a cheapskate)
Allan 38
Senior discounts
cbrochu30 43
Series One Euro Banknote Still Valid?
Grier 4
Shipping a forgotten item from Italy
Suzann 8
Shipping purchases back to the U.S.
pwell13 4
Shipping Regular Mail from Spain - a Very Bad Idea!
tuzywall 3
Shopping in Europe! Come in Ladies...
rbovine1 23
Shopping in Rothenburg
Jeff 10
Should I still follow RS advice despite the latest with Brexit?
sharonghilia 13
Showing RS Guidebook for discounts when you break it apart
Amy 3
SIM card - to buy or not to buy?
carolr 6
Skymiles Delta Air
Renee 9
So I was looking at PRICELINE "Flights + Hotels" just for laughs, but
Shelley 5
So many credit cards, which one to choose?
Adam 26
Spending £1 coins at Heathrow
Lola 13
Spend money to save money
Robbie 4
Stateside prepaid hotel reservations - $ or Euros?
rolabeanhair 7
Still confused by chip & pin vs. chip & signature!
Terry 16
swipe and pin debit card
horsewoofie 6
Swipe type bebit cards
Retgumshu 11
Talking about my VISA Bill with European charges
Shelley 11
Tap Payments / Apple Wallet
john 15
Tax refund for purchases?
MAB 12
Teacher/Student Discounts
riebockwhitlock 1
Temporary luggage storage
nlortizdpm 2
Temporary Mobile Phone Chips in France and Switzerland
dmbcycles 7
The GBP and Euro dropped; think this will work?
klo162 5
The latest info on credit card pins and ATM cards
David 6
The money exchange question (yet again)
SandraL 17
The value of a polite request…
Carol now... 20
thinner socks
cindy 19
thought I had everything settled
Gail 26
Time limit for buying cancel anytime insurance
KC 7
Tipping at hotels
Barbara 23
Tipping parasail pilots
mslisarouse 6
Train travel/Discount cards
travel4two 5
debim 14