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Is "no access fee within country" the same as "0% Foreign Transaction Fee"?

I was using the ATM locator in for the locations in the My Way Alpine Tour. It found ATMs that were marked with an icon that was labeled "no access fee within country". I wonder if that means that Mastercard does not charge a foreign transaction fee when one uses such an ATM. Can anyone tell me, please? Thanks.

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What's the foreign transaction fee with your Mastercard brand ATM card? 3%? Search the Forum and you can find all sorts of references to no foreign transaction fee ATM cards.

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It's not MasterCard that charges a premium on their ATM card. It's the bank that issued the card.

For example, my Wells Fargo ATM charges are $5 and 3% for ATM transactions. I can get the same services at my credit union ATM card with no up charge and 100% of the currency rate.

It's the same way on some credit card charges. My Capital One card gives me 100% of the currency conversion rate as of the date charged. Many other credit cards charge a percentage above the amount charged.

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In your case, the "no access fee within country" probably means that the ATM does not charge for its use (like most "out-of-network" ATMs do here). If your own bank charges a foreign transaction fee, you will still be charged by them, just not by the ATM also. I have a Mastercard debit card that charges me 1% when I am out of the country. I also have a credit union VISA debit card that charges nothing at all.

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I think you may be approaching this issue from the wrong direction. Rather than worry about the location of specific ATM machines, simply make sure you have a debit card that charges no ATM fees and no foreign transaction fees. Charles Schwab is one example, but there are others as well. You want to be able to get cash with the least hassle (being able to use any bank ATM that is near) at the least cost (choosing the right card with no fees).

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Jo_pie, it's also important to understand that an ATM card withdrawal from your bank account is not the same thing as getting a Cash Advance on your Visa brand credit card. The latter is hugely expensive, with interest and cash advance fees, regardless of any Foreign Transaction fees.

Also note that having a Visa logo on the front of an ATM card usually indicates that it functions as a Visa debit card for purchases. But an ATM withdrawal is from your bank account.