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London Pass is on UK's Groupon!

I know the London Pass gets a bad rap on here because for many, it doesn't save them money. It did save my husband and I money. But we also got it during a sale. Well, if you're considering it, I found it on Groupon!
They give you the option of a two, three or six day pass. Hopefully this can help those of you who buy save some money! Make sure you read the fine print!

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We also saved money using the London Pass several years ago. I took time to research the admission costs of where we wanted to go and then compared before purchasing. We tried a few places that we might not have tried without the admission already being paid, so it helped us enrich our experience. We also enjoyed the convenience factor.
Like most advice on this board, it pays to view it in light of your particular needs and travel patterns.

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Carol, we did all the math, too! We went to London in March, and we bought the pass in January before the rates went up, PLUS there was a 10% discount. We, too, went to a few places that we probably wouldn't have gone because it was included. We were pleasantly surprised that they'd recently added the express line for Pass holders at Westminster. The line was wrapped around the corner before it even opened and because of the Pass, we were inside in less than five minutes! Anyway, just like a Eurail pass, you have to break it all down!

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Hi Amy,
I think most often people tend to regret buying one either because they don't have a good grip on how much you can do in 2/4/6 days, or because they fail to do some research and add up the prices to see which option would be best.
As for me, if I'm only traveling for two days, I like to get a feel of the city and the streets and the people instead of wasting time in queues for the most popular attractions. Of course, if there's something I really want to do, I will. But, in the end, I think it's a matter of personal preferences. We should each take some time and figure out what would work best for us.
Anyhow, it was sweet of you to let us know about the Groupon deal, I appreciate it! :-)
Happy trails!