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Large hotel groups with reasonable coronavirus cancellation policies.

So far I have received emails from the CEO's of Hilton, Marriott, and IHG group announcing a more flexible cancellation policy for existing reservations for hotel stays at least through March, and some through April.

The Marriott announcement explicitly states that even pre-paid, non-refundable reservations through April 30 can be cancelled without penalty up to 24 hours ahead of the visit.

The IHG Announcement is not as explicit, simply stating that they waive cancellation fees worldwide. But I was able to get our London hotel reservation (Pre-paid, non-refundable) canceled and refunded by calling Member Services. A previous phone call and 2 emails to the hotel itself were not fruitful.

Unfortunately the small, family-run hotels that many of us prefer cannot afford to be as flexible, and I understand that. But some are offering credit toward a future stay, which allows them to keep the deposit now when they most need it. A reasonable solution.

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I booked the Hilton Double Tree Edinburgh through Hotels. Com and having a hard time getting through to see if they will transfer our reservation to the new dates. We are not cancelling just rescheduling. Has anyone had luck in getting a non refundable reservation moved? Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks Lora

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Here is the Hilton policy

They do not address bookings made through third parties, which likely means they are not excluded. If you cannot get through to, try the "assistance team" link on the above page. Good luck.

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Airbnb has stepped up also. Their website has a policy regarding refunds, depending on location you booked.

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Thank you for posting this. One of my non refundable hotels is IHG group, not until early May. I will definitely look into it closer to my dates.