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Is Gold Crown Travel legit or scam?

Does anyone have any experience with a company called Gold Crown Travel. It seems to be a business model that you buy a membership and then get discounts on flights and hotels around the world. They seem to act like a concierge and travel agent to make arrangements for flights, accommodations, event tickets, cruises, resorts, etc for discounted prices. I think they are based out of Tampa, Florida

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oh, careful. You have to pay first and then find out how much you are saving - or not saving?

If it sounds too good ....

BTW - I've never heard of them, just responding to what you have written...

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I've heard of them but haven't had any experience with them and don't know anyone who has. It's basically a time share operation that includes travel options as well as places to stay. If you know anything about time shares you'll know what it's like. Definitely do some heavy research before buying into anything like that.

EDIT It's technically not a scam but very close. But then that's what I feel about any time share club.

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Thanks friends. I'm a bit leary. My husband is tempted but I think we better do some research. I'm not sure they really have any bargains to offer that I cant find with a little work and advise from Rick Steves and friends.

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Gold Crown could be a scam; I have no knowledge of them, but I don't think travel clubs, where you pay an annual fee instead of a commission for every reservation, generally, are scams. I know of someone engaged in that kind of business, and it is certainly legit. You pay a lower price because there is no agent commission built in.