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Just making sure- euro/pound

Hello all!

Origionally I was going to be spending a day in paris on my 10 day London trip and as such a friend gave me a gift of 50 pounds and 50 euros. However, I am NOT doing Paris...... my question is can I use Euros in England or do I have to exchange them for pound notes?


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What a nice friend! I think it will depend on the business itself whether it will accept euros. However, when you do this, you put yourself in the position of having the business decide what the exchange rate is that it will give for your euros. Traditionally, this rate is not as good from individual businesses as it might be from a bank. On the other hand, these were a gift and that might not matter to you.

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I was thinking if I was going to exchange them I'd just do it at the airport before I left. Yes, it was a lovely gesture, they just didn't know part of my plans had changed. Either way it's a great help to me!!

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The only businesses in London that might accept euros would be a tiny number of large department stores, and they would probably charge an extremely poor exchange rate. Either exchange the euros or keep them for a future trip.

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Or a railway company - equally poor rate.

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"exchange them .... at the airport before I left."
Don't do that. They would charge you twice, once to change the €50 into whatever your home currency is, and a second time to change that to £.
If you want to change Euro notes to pounds, best to do it at the arrival airport in GB, or at one of the Bureau de change in central London. But always check how much you will get for your €50 first.

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Exactly what I was going to suggest. You may very likely plan a future trip to a country which is on the euro, and you'll be able to hit the ground running without the need to find an ATM immediately off the plane. Tuck them away for that trip.

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Save those euro! Don't waste your money on exchange fees.