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Laundry services in Best of Europe

We are a family of 5 spending a month, working our way through Europe, next summer. Presently, I am working through our itenerary and had a question about info in the book, and I apologize ahead of time, I know this info must be in the book, but I can't find it....
Under the hotel descriptions, it generally lists: laundry- 10€ ( numbers different, hotel to hotel obviously ) my question is this the price for a coin operated machine ( which seems a little pricey) or a wash and fold (which seems a little cheap)?


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In the 2015 book I have, it lists "Laundry - 10€/Load" which would indicate coin op and will sometimes say "wash and dry". Others just say "Laundry Service" without a price which would indicate standard hotel style laundry charges per piece.

From my experiences in Europe, coin laundries are expensive compared to what we pay in the US, but hotel laundry is even more expensive.

On the Ireland tour, there was a laundry near the B&B we stayed at which did a wash and dry and fold service for €20 for whatever you could pack into their supplied bag. They washed everything together so no bright fadeable colors. :-)