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Is anyone familiar with Train Split?

I need to buy a train ticket for my 19 year old daughter to travel one way from Edinburgh (Waverly Station) to Cambridge on a Sunday morning in June. The website offers tickets at a much lower price. Is anyone familiar with this method of splitting tickets when you have a stop along the destination (2 tickets that get you to the same destination as the one ticket with a stop and change, but for a lower price on the UK rail system)? I read reviews online and it seems like it works.

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I used this just last week and saved over 80% on a quoted fare of over £275 to get the price down to £55. It works well but make sure your daughter is aware that she needs to be on the exact trains selected. Failure to do this can result in a fine and having to pay the full ticket price on the train.

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As Martin says. You have to obey the rules to the letter. You don't have to actually change trains or get off and get on, but the train must call at the split station(s).

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The cheapest advance fare without splitting on this journey is £18.50. You probably need to look for something this cheap close to the day bookings open.

No problems should arise with 'regular' split tickets forming a chain where the trains being taken stop at all the places the tickets refer to.

This is distinct from 'enthusiast' split ticketing which could involve knitting together ordinary tickets, rovers, season tickets and what seem like gaps actually covered by obscure easements. I don't think websites can yet attempt to generate these.

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Thank you for this great info. Question to Marco - where did you see a 18.5 cost for this type of ticket?