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Help! I had my itinerary figured out but the overnight train is full! Transportation Julie 3
Bamberg, Germany To the West Jim 5
train from Brussels to Stuttgart Transportation Katie 2
Making calls on US cell phone in Europe General Europe Christy 14
Travel in Italy Transportation Ron 1
a cheap, safe place to stay between Milan and C.T.? Italy casey 4
Munich's Englischen Garten To the West JERRY 16
Health Insurance General Europe James 4
French Riviera - 4 nights To the West Teri 5
Spain Itinerary: Advice Needed To the West Tiffany 6
Lake Geneva Switzerland To the West Allen and... 1
How much money to bring/have available General Europe Jerri 3
Cinque Terre - Places in Vernazza, or ... ? Italy Kent & Lisa 9
After getting to the Termini station need suggestions in getting to hotel Italy beth 3
All was free in Rome Italy angela 8
Greek ferry system Transportation Jerri 1
Coastal Turkey To the East Louanne 2
Benelux or Lyon & Switzerland in November?? To the West Jennifer 0
worth going to Athens after Italy? To the East Cindy 4
Running Italy Janet 5
Student studying in Paris To the West Laura 5
Where to go considering cost? General Europe Susan and Monte 14
Visiting the Alps To the West Wendy 3
One Day Tour of some Normandy battlefields To the West Ron 0
Hotel Astoria -Venice Italy Shelley 0
France Itinerary Suggestions - 3 weeks To the West Natalie 7
Credit Cards with the Chip General Europe Tom 3
Outside Paris for 2-3 days To the West doug 4
Ennis, Ireland To the North Deb 7
Climbing the Duomo in Florence Italy Cherry 4
Lime Tree Hotel To the North Becky 11
What to wear in Rome Italy Sue 5
Brussels Sleeping To the West eileen 4
8 Days in Istanbul - Too Long? To the East Matt S 8
Trains from Florence to Zurich? Transportation Carol 3
Another Venice ? - Museum Pass or just Doge's? Italy Nicole 1
Places to stay in Venice Italy Mary Jo 14
Getting there: Chamonix to Milan Italy Elizabeth 5
B&B's on Crete? To the East Mike 1
lodging in or near Fussen To the West Terri 9
how to navigate getting from Dingle to Shannon airport To the North Diane 2
Travel from Berlin to Dubrovnik? Transportation brina 3
Circumvesiviana and also bus from Sorrento to Rome Italy Becky 4
Eurail Pass vs cheap airline travel in Europe Transportation Amy 2
Has anyone bought a scottevest jacket (women's)--size tips? General Europe Lindsey 5
Roma Pass and Borghese Musuem Italy Ritesh 4
Roma Pass and Borghese Musuem Italy Ritesh 3
Reasonably priced places to stay in Dublin To the North Judy 9