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Could Someone Explain this Renfe Train Pricing (BCN-Sevilla, overnight) Transportation Steve 6
Strasbourg or Colmar as a base? To the West Gary 7
Paris Carte orange or carnet 10 pack or mobilis pass Transportation Daniel 5
2009 Guidebook Release Dates? General Europe Steve 9
Provence to Paris To the West Sarah 6
High speed ferries To the East james 1
TGV advice from Paris to Avignon (or near-by Provence town) To the West Emily 8
Vatican- book ahead or from hotel? Italy Gretchen 8
Paris, Bruges, Brussels or Copenhagen? To the West Lisa 21
best way to get from Naples to Siena Italy Victoria 3
If you like Rick Steves for Europe, what book would you use for New York General Europe Rose 14
DIfficulty sleeping To the West Sue 15
First (jet-lagged) day in Paris: comments/suggestions, please To the West Teresa 11
Traveling w/ a Rail Pass - When to 'Buy' tickets? Transportation JB 6
What would be a good ipod to travel with General Europe Betty Lou 7
Swiss Rail Pass Transportation jim 2
Which airline carry on rules will prevail? Transportation Jill 1
SWITZERLAND DAY TRIP To the West susan 9
PARIS FOOD General Europe susan 12
laundromats in Croatia and Slovenia General Europe Jill 2
public laundromats in Croatia and Montenegro To the East Jill 1
"rush hour traffic" in Verona Italy tracy 2
Easyjet/Skyeurope Transportation james 3
Useful Paris Metro Map To the West Tom 1
Rome lodging suggestions Italy Carole 6
Accommodations in Manchester? To the North Gary 2
Rome accomodations Transportation Dale 4
hotel b&b in cinque terre Italy Jill 0
last night in venice, hotel or not? Italy Jill 3
Bike paths in Paris Transportation Jim 5
I have 1 week to travel from and back to Rome in October Transportation Dale 5
1 Day in October - Lake Como or Cinque Terre Italy Matt 4
clothesline in hostels? General Europe Lisa 10
Malta To the West Deb 1
Suggestions for getting to lodging outside Salzburg To the West Robin 18
Hotel specials Italy irene 5
Train trips from Florence to the north Italy Terri 3
English Premier League Football Tickets General Europe Fletcher 9
Train from Genoa to the Berner Oberland Area Transportation Aaron 5
Travel after Tuscany Italy Barbara 3
London New Year's General Europe Fletcher 7
first time traveler - please critique my itinerary of italy Transportation Leah 8
Neuschwanstein - Photos Allowed? To the West Lamont 13
Packing - Clothing question for Austria trip To the West Robin 3
amsterdam apartments To the West pam 2
copenhagen and stockholm apartments To the North pam 2
Computers in Europe Are Different General Europe Lisa 12
Internet/Cyber Cafe's?? General Europe JB 12
Layers for Europe in October General Europe Lisa 14