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A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members.

Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. It's also a place for first-time and future tour members to ask questions and get the inside scoop from our tour pros about what it's like to travel with Rick Steves' Europe.

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Planning My Way Europe 2019 - 3 friends
cysco09 7
Loire to South of France tour
dacbcook 0
Liguria/Tuscany 8 night trip
daliabadaras 2
BOE 14-day from 5/25/15 to 6/7/15
Dan 15
Sicily Tour April 17-27
Dan 0
GAS tour starting 8/16/2019
Dan 4
Athens & the Heart of Greece May 25
Darcy 3
Anyone signed up for the GAS tour on Sept 20th?
Darla 1
Best of Turkey May 2016
darrin.w.snyd... 2
May 10th Ireland in 14 Days
Dave 0
My Way Alpine Tour 6/26 to 7/7 - Anyone Else on This Trip?
Dave B 3
Can people in 80’s enjoy best of Italy tour?
Dave B 20
12 Day Best of Swiss tour
dave_car 6
Reset the countdown
David 12
Trip Evaluation Greece October 2014
David & C. 7
Spain 14-day itinerary?
David & C. 7
Here is the Old Tour Evaluation Format
David & C. 12
Spain 14 days April 2016 trip review
David & C. 6
Lake Orta to Milan Centrale train station
David & C. 6
Laundry opportunities on Village Italy tour
David & C. 4
Laundry opportunities on Best of England tour
David & C. 7
Currency on Eastern Europe Tour
David & C. 12
Laundry on RS Turkey tour
David & C. 5
Cappadocia balloon rides on RS Turkey tour
David & C. 7
Found the "old" tour evaluation unvarnished comments!
David & C. 13
RS Turkey and Ephesus tour
David & C. 3
Trip Report, Best of Turkey, October 2019
David & C. 23
Best of Spain departing October 12th-Barcelona Jewish History tour October 12th at...
davidibressler 0
Best of Switzerland hotels
davidlew_4 3
First Timers, wanting advice on Italy tours
David.S 17
My Way or Structured and Gluten Free
dawndenice 12
Anyone signed up for the June 4-19 Villages Tour?
dbelladee 7
Signed up for my first Rick Steves Tour - Convertible Carry On with Laptop?
dclawyer 7
How much does your main bag weigh -- fully packed?
dclawyer 43
Tour Companies Outside Europe Similar to Rick Steves
dclawyer 28
On RS Tours do you see more backpacks or rolling main bags?
dclawyer 38
Best options departing Dubrovnic
ddolsons 8
To check, or not to check, carry on luggage
ddougherty 21
Family or Adult tour?
deabillingdept 16
Traveling to Palermo for RS Sicily Tour
Dean 10
My way alpine tour in September
dean5 6
Best of Europe 21 days starting May 13 2018
deansjunque 25
Accommodations where there is bathroom sharing
debandjohn 35
Lower activity tours?
debbie 14
Easter - Any Italy Tour - Florence
Debbie 0
What New My Way Tours Would You Like to See?
Debbie 18
When is the best time to take the Best of Scandinavia tour in 2016?
Debbie 8
Pre-tour hotel booking question
Debbie 11
Best of Switz or Similar Alums
Debbie 7
Luggage protocol during "bus days"
Debbie 6