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Best of Switzerland Tour Documents posted- and a surprise

I am one month out from my Best of Switzerland Tour and the tour documents posted today. I enjoyed seeing where all my tour mates were from and checking out the different hotels we will be staying at. You can usually find interesting information or links on the hotel websites.

I noticed that there was a special event "Winnetou" taking place in Engelberg while I was there and became curious. Was there going to be some fun festival? The first information that came up was not in English. I did a little more looking and discovered that these are family activities each day based on a German book, then movie series that takes place in the Old West and features Apaches. Families can have "Western" adventures of paddling a canoe, fishing, or looking for treasure.

I had to smile that my authentic Swiss Experience could have people dressed as Apaches in it. It does sound like some fun experiences for families with young children.

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On our Best of Eastern Europe trip last summer, our guide surprised us with a rest stop at a Wild West themed bar in Slovakia. :)

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You will have a great time on this tour.

I do remember seeing some signs in Engelberg about this event when I was there in July 2017. Must be an annual thing. I do remember stumbling onto an outdoor folk music and dancing show in one of the local parks on my last night there. Fun way to feel like a local.

Unfortunately, our weather for the trip up Mt. Titlis was very cloudy and damp so I couldn't appreciate the beauty of the area as much as I would have liked. Still, a very nice stop on the tour.

I really enjoyed the next stop on the tour in Lugano. I recommend taking a boat to Gandria and enjoying a morning cappucino on a terrace over the lake. I also took a couple of trains to the top of Mt. Generoso.


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This reminds me of a France tour I took 8 years ago. We happened to be there on the annual fete de la musique. I had never heard of this festival, but boy was it an unexpected delight. Amongst the endless variety of musicians scattered around Chinon, there was a huge display of... Texas square dancing!

Anyhow, enjoy your trip and this special event. Let us know all about it!