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Choice of Tour Dilemma

On May 30th we signed up for 2 back to back tours, Southern Italy and Heart of Italy. We were confirmed within a few days for the Southern Italy Tour, for which we are very thankful because that is our first choice. We are still "pending confirmation" on the Heart of Italy Tour.
However, last night when Rick mentioned on his Monday Night Travel Show that more tours were added, I immediately looked to see what else was available. There were several dates added to the Basque Tour, which we would prefer over the Heart of Italy Tour, but I don't think we should sign up because of our "pending confirmation" on the Heart of Italy Tour.
I emailed the office, but don't know when we'll get a response. There's only one date that would pair well with our confirmed Southern Italy Tour. So right now I don't know what to do.

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I'd sign up for the Basque immediately. It can be straightened out later.

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I would sign up for the Basque tour date that fits your timing. Since the Heart of Italy is not your heart’s desire and when the confirmation comes through for it, you have the option to change your mind. The RS staff will understand, you have until December to decide whether to go on any tour or not and get a refund.
The RS office is so overwhelmed right now, they are doing an amazing job!

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Agree. You might not get the Heart if Italy. Sign up now! It can be worked out later.

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I agree with everyone else.

And... I think it’s smart to do 2 different cultures when you are doing back to back tours! I’ve done several back to backs sometimes 2 Rick tours, sometimes a Rick and a Road Scholar, sometimes 2 Road Scholar tours. The last back to backs I did were Villages of Southern England and Best of Scotland. While you’d think these were completely, different there were similarities. I never thought I’d be tired of castle ruins but by the end of The Scotland tour I couldn’t muster the energy to visit another one! That shocked me!! So.... for that reason I recommend you go with South Italy and the Basque one!

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Woo Hoo! Thanks LiZ, Judy, Julie, and Jill (Women Power!) for encouraging me to sign up for the Basque Country Tour. I didn't want to confuse the "office," and create more paperwork, but I also didn't want to miss out on the date I wanted. So, deed is done.
Going on the Heart of Italy Tour would have been a repeat visit to all of the cities on the tour, except for Volterra. We had recently spent 5 nights in Florence and 5 nights in Lucca on our own.
Signing up for the Basque Country tour means we have to continue walking and hiking locally, so we'll be in shape to do some Camino walking. We'll probably be the oldest people on the tour.

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When we took the Basque Tour in 2019, a couple in their 80's were among our fellow travelers - and they were hard to keep up with. That is a wonderful tour.....every moment is a treat - and the guides are superb.

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Pam, thanks for the "thumbs up" for doing two completely different cultures. And yes, I know what you mean by "ABC," as someone once described seeing yet another castle, church, cathedral...etc. One thing I was looking forward to on the Heart of Italy Tour was going back to Cinque Terra where I had the BEST limoncello gelato in Monterossa al Mare...and walking part of the trail because when we were there on the Best of Italy Tour, the weather was so bad that the trails were closed and the boats could not run between the towns.
Blue 439 & Accidental Southerner: Good to know that you loved the Basque Tour. And Blue..., I am in awe that there was a couple in their 80s on your tour. We are both in our late 70s, and I like to think we are in pretty good shape, but not sure I'd want to be on tour in my 80s.

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Goodness! We are going to fill up the Basque tours for the next five years.

Yes, it is also on my list of favorites.