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Carol, thanks for sharing this delightful article.
Way to go Sarah!

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Yes, thanks for sharing. Sarah's Cucina Quarantena was one of the websites that helped getting through the early days of Covid easier (for me). I also enjoyed her travels to Europe last summer and this. Thanks, Sarah.

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I admire Sarah’s creativity and entrepreneurship in keeping her business going through the pandemic. I went on her small tour to Venice the last week of August and had a fantastic time. She learned well from Rick Steves over her 20 years working for him!

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Sara was our tour guide on my very first Rick Steve’s trip, she was awesome!! We did Venice, Florence & Rome and she was so knowledgeable and interesting that she inspired us to “keep on traveling “ and we’ve done 7 RS tours since. I am so glad she is still sharing her talents with travelers.

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Thank you for sharing this article. I love Sarah and her travel blog. And bonus - Ranier was the very first tour guide we had with Rick Steves so happy to see he’s equally creative in surviving the pandemic as a guide.

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Carol..thank you for posting this! The portion of the article about Rainer Metzger was a welcome surprise. He was our guide on the South Italy tour…knowledgeable (especially in architecture), calm in the face of Italian strikes (!), and without any patronizing or condescending attitude. We would travel again with him in a minute. So glad to see that he’s up and running!