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"Filling Fast", new feature?

I was surprised when I looked on the tour pages that the filling fast had what seemed to be a new feature telling the number of seats available on the tour. Is this truly new, or have I just not noticed before?

Either way, I think it is very helpful information to display.

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New this year, I think.
I know it wasn't there when I signed up for my replacement May S. England tour this spring.

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I don't think it is new. I thought I read an explanation that the filling fast showed up when it was down to last four to six slots. I remember seeing it several years ago when we were trying to sign on to a tour.

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I agree with Liz, the number of seats available is new even over the last month or so. The last time I looked at my end of September tour it was Filling Fast but the # of seats available was not posted. That was about 3-4 weeks ago. Final payment is due this week so it will be interesting to see if anyone drops out.

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I just looked at a tour yesterday and noticed the remaining number of seats added - a nice addition.

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Thank you all for your responses. I knew filling fast was not the new feature (thought I was clear in my wording in my post, but evidently not...) it was the stating of the number of days that I wondered about. At any rate, I do think that this is a good improvement and I am glad they are doing it this way.

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This is enormously helpful and I'm so glad that RS added the feature.