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Restaurant Name Help

Hi! After going on the RS Venice, Florence, and Rome tour in June, my Grandmother and I are trying to put together a itinerary of the things we saw, did, and ate. We realized that we are missing the names of the restaurants from the group dinners in Venice, Florence, and Rome. We were wondering if anyone who has gone on this tour know the names of the restaurants where they went. We are aware that different dates of this tour probably had different locations for group dinners, but are still interested in hearing the names. Thanks in advance!

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Quickest way for you to find out will be to call ETBD (Rick's company) in Washington, and ask them. They will likely need to email/text the tour director you had for your tour (give them your guide's name and date of trip to make it a bit easier for them), and then I'm sure that person will remember.

Won't help you much now, since your trip is finished, but we always try (sometimes we forget) to take a photo of the outside of restaurants and/or a menu, to help remember each place.

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Another suggestion is to look at the Scrapbooks done in 2014 and 2013. It looks like there are six scrapbooks done by tour alumni in 2014 for the Venice, Florence and Rome tour and three done for 2013.

Depending on how detailed the scrapbooks are, they may contain names hotels, restaurants, and special places visited. Usually they also note the name of the guide and driver.

I have learned to take pictures of everything from names of hotels to menus in order to remember names.

Hope to meet you and your grandmother on a future trip.