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An amazing number of Tours currently on sale

Check out the tours on sale page. Rick Steves Tours are actively promoting some late spring tours. Perhaps one of them would be a match for you?

Some will not feel comfortable traveling in the next few months, but if you do, it might be a great opportunity for a bargain.

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I am so tempted! If I didn't already have time, money and energy invested in 2 trips, I'd be surfing the tour sales!

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In the immortal words of Dirty Harry, “are you feeling lucky?” If the Coronavirus blows over you’ve got a bargain. Otherwise you’re flying into an epidemic with the risk of illness, quarantine, or worse. And your travel insurance likely won’t cover any CV related event. I have full faith in RSE. If there is a travel warning from the CDC they will cancel the tour and you’ll have your money back. The airlines though? Unless you are willing to pony up for a refundable ticket, best of luck (unless they cancel your flight).

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I feel lucky. But I work full time and only have so much time off: so can’t take advantage of the fire sale but would in a heartbeat if I could. Quarantined to n France? I might be quarantined in my home in small town CT. Better croissants in France.

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Yeah if I’m going to be stuck somewhere I’d rather be stuck in Europe !

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This is a really tough call as there are so many unknowns about this virus. Any situation that has me cramped into a confined space with a lot of people... I don't know.

I would think cruise ships would have great deals. Is there a worse nightmare than two weeks in an inside cabin?

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The Travel Guard FAQ about the Coronavirus might be of interest to anyone setting up trips after January 24, 2020. RS has had a special deal with them. Maybe the RS tour folks can tell us if it will be continued.

Before you decide to schedule a trip of any kind now, be sure to research coverage of any type of trip insurance if you usually buy it. This is just one company's brief answers to related questions.

Here's the link for Travel Guard's info on the situation: Coronavirus Advisory.

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People must be dropping tours like there’s no tomorrow to have so many tours on sale that have nothing to do with Italy.

I’m not canceling my week in Switzerland in mid April!

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Even if it might be the cheapest time. I still won't choose to travel around due to the virus. Hope every travel agency can go through this difficult time and welcome more travelers when the virus is defeated.

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Great tours on Sale. However as of today 3/01 the Louvre closed. Whats next. The Academia or Uffizi in Florence? Sit back & wait is my 2 cents worth. (R/S Family Tour 2019). Mickey

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I am currently in Sri Lanka, which is virus free and is much better value than anywhere in Europe, so if you want value, head here!

There’s no point in a cheap tour if you get ill and miss part of your holiday or die!

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I head to Europe in six weeks for a lenghtly stay. I am not canceling the trip. I am, however, being very flexible as to where I go.

Except for airfare, I will have no non-refundable tickets or hotel stays. I do like taking one day tours but I have a feeling these won't be difficult to book later rathern than sooner. In the past, I have changed plans on the fly when the mood took me and this time I will do the same if the virus changes course.

I have already cancelled the Northern Italy portion of my trip but still have Northern France, parts of Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and England. I will probably add a week in Scotland because I like Scotland and can always find new places to explore.

I won't stay at home and worry but I will stay on top of areas to avoid. Part of travel is the concept of being flexible. Very rarely does a trip go 100% as planned.

I realize my situation is rather unique and most don't have the same flexibility or time. Whether you stay at home or travel is up to you. Whatever decision you make is the right one for you.