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Proof of COVID vaccinations

To those of you who have recently taken a RS Tour, just wondering if it is necessary to show the vaccination card at the beginning of the tour, or is it sufficient to show vaccinations on MyChart?

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Do I need to bring my original vaccination card with me on tour?

If you're on a tour departing between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2023, you will need to show proof of vaccination to your guide on the first day of your tour, in one of these forms: original CDC (or equivalent) vaccination card, photo of front and back of original card, or photocopy of front and back of original card.

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Thanks, Joe...I guess I should have spent more time searching.

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I was on the Best if the Adriatic tour in June. Our guide wanted each of us to come to the hotel lobby thirty minutes before our group meeting time and show her our proof of vaccination. So, by the time we met the whole group, we were cleared.

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FYI, RS is no longer requiring proof of Covid vaccination for 2024 tours.