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Rick Steves Tours

A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members.

Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. It's also a place for first-time and future tour members to ask questions and get the inside scoop from our tour pros about what it's like to travel with Rick Steves' Europe.

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Rick Steves Tour Company Equivalents in Asia
plandad 5
Cancelling a tour
pleiades3 10
Paris: Le-Bus Direct to CDG
plevine459 11
Moscow side trip after Tallin-Helsinki-St.Petersburg tour
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Staying near the Normandy Beaches
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When to buy train tickets to Venice from Florence
pmmucci 5
Planning vs. Traveling
pollyhrae 28
Best of Southern Italy- Who's starting this on 31 August 2019?
pollyhrae 4
Least Active Tours
Posie 54 5
Eastern France 2019
Posie 54 5
Barcelona and Pepito tours
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May 16-28 South Italy tour
Priscilla 5
Belgium and Holland tour April 21
Priscilla 4
2019 Tour Kit
Priscilla 34
Rick Steves on a tour?
Priscilla 4
2024 tours are here!
Priscilla 72
Travel to Sicily for RS tour
Priscilla 16
Steve tour for London, Paris and Swiss
psk 7
Vizzini Sicily
pstrang 4
Has anyone done the 21 Day BOE twice?
PT 8
Best of Eastern France Sep 9 tour
queenmab225 2
Loire to the South of France - September 1, 2019
queenmab225 0
Is a private shower and WC/toilet included on the Germany, Austria, Switzerland tour?
rab 1
GAS Tour travel route and Google Android "location history"
rab 2
Family Europe: London to Florence, or BOE: Paris to Rome? Seeking advice
rachel 11
Pre-BOE 14 Question - London to Paris by Eurostar
rachel 6
Norway in a nutshell
Rachel 3
Any included pass with tour ?
Rachel 7
14 Day Best of Europe Tour - May 13, 2018
Rachel S 14
Turkey Hot Air Balloon Ride
radarmike 14
Best of VFR: May 5th
Raf 2
My Way Italy October Assisi Winery Tour
raininportland 0
Euros or Dollars
raininportland 15
Raleigh 8
My way Alpine (June 12 2023)
ramughal2 8
My Way Alpine Tour
ramughal2 19
Anyone going on the Berlin/Prague/Vienna tour 9/23-10/4?
Randi 2
Paris solo traveler looking for amies 5/20-5/23
Randi 7
RS Best of Europe Tour~ May 3- May 23 Who's Going?
rankster 7
How do YOU prepare for a Rick Steves BOE tour?
rankster 48
Lorch instead of Bacharach?
rankster 29
4 Days~ I Can't Believe It!
rankster 108
My Way: Europe in 14 Days 9/18/17-10/01/17 Who's going?
rankster 4
Who's going? My Way: Europe in 14 Days 9/18/17-10/01/17
rankster 2
The Final Countdown...
rankster 17
Best of Scotland in 10 Days June 2018
raprescott33 6
Regular guided tours ok for kids?
raspage 10
Best of Ireland 2014
Ray 9
2018 Portugal
Ray 4
Mont Blanc question
Ray 2