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Last day in Rome

Hi all,

My wife and I are about to embark on a BOE 14 day tour that ends in Rome. The tour ends after breakfast but our flight doesn’t leave until 8pm. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to spend those last few hours?

Thanks in advance.

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A bit of a back and forth suggestion, but if hotel will hold your luggage a trip to Ostia Antica can make for a nice a day. If your tour ends on a Monday this is not an option as OA is closed Mondays.

Otherwise look at your Rome or Italy tour book to see what not covered in the tour interests you.

There is LOTS to choose from

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Your tour includes: Capitoline Museum • Pantheon • Evening walk through Rome including Trevi Fountain • St. Peter's Basilica • Colosseum • Roman Forum.
It does not include Vatican museums. Other ideas are: Galleria Borghese, Walks of Italy tours, Appian Way, Food tour with Eating Italy, walk through a neighborhood like Trastevere, see how many fountains you can see in how many piazza's like Triton fountain at Piazza Barberini, Circus Maximus, I could on like this for hours....

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Thanks Joe, Gretchen, and Vandrabrud...

We’ll probably need to catch a 4:00 train from Roma Termini station and our hotel, Dharma Selene Style Hotel, on Via del Viminale, is relatively close to the train.

Does a 4:00pm departure from center city give us sufficient time to catch an 8pm flight? Also, are there any areas in Rome that we should avoid walking through?

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We did this tour two years ago. We went to the Galleria Borghese because it was a Sunday and the Vatican museum was closed. If you are leaving soon reservations may be gone for the Borghese already. It is a great tour enjoy

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If you'd rather spend some time outside instead of in more museums I can highly recommend a couple of things:
1) Walk the path up to Parco Gianicolense. It takes you up the hill on Rome's west side giving you fantastic views overlooking the city.
2) At the Victor Emmanuel Monument take the glass elevator to the roof from which, again, you will have spectacular views, this time from right inside the city.
If you'd like nothing better than taking in a little more art, I second the idea of going to the Borghese Gallery. It has some stunning work.

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These folks posted in September re a tour they were about to start. It's probably over by now. ;-)

OP, if you're still following this, what did you end up doing with your last day in Rome?

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Hello and thanks for the reminder to report back! We had a fantastic time on our BOE 14 day tour (9/23-10/6/2018) and we were very fortunate with regard to weather except for the rain on our second day in Venice and our last day in Rome. The rain was rather heavy in Rome so we ended up going to the Museo Nazionale Romano which was right down the street from our hotel (Dharma Style) and the train station. The Museo Nazionale Romano had an interesting coin display in the lower level showing the earliest roman coins as well as artifacts from Caligulas Nemi ships. The hotel kindly held our luggage until it was time to hop onto the Leonardo Express to the FCO airport. We’re trying to pick our next RS tour but it seems like the BOE 14 day will be hard to beat. Thanks to all for your input!