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Do mulitple tours get muliple trip kits?

Doing 8-day Scotland tour in September followed by an 8-day Ireland tour.
Do we get multiple trip kits; one per tour?

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I've only ever gone as a solo and received one trip kit per tour. You get to start your money belt collection......:) I don't know if this is different if you have a travel partner.

Probably the most important part of a tour kit is the guide book so you will have one for each tour.

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I have booked a Best of Turkey and then a day later a Best of Greece.
I received RS guide books, one for each country, along with some ear plugs on both trips kits, opted out of the money belt on one tour kit.
Wish RS would still provide travel patches!

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Yes - but we decided we didn’t need duplicates of the money belt/neck wallet and there was a way to opt out.

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I always travel with my partner and we receive one kit only for each tour. We always opt out of money belts as we have our own neck wallets we prefer.

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Yes, one kit per tour, and you can opt out of the money belts. I wish you could opt out of the ear plugs! We have quite a collection now, and I can't use the larger ones they've switched to.

I think the last time I counted we had 21 money belts. We've started turning them down, and I know I've given some away. I think they breed in my travel drawer.

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Instead of the money belt, I wish I could opt for the Phrase book and Dictionary which looks to be cheaper than the money belt. But I’m grateful for what I’m given!