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Best of Paris in 7 Days

Hi All,

I'm going on the Best of Paris in 7 days tour next month on Sept 3 and I'm a solo traveler. I will be arriving a day early. Is there anyone who would like to meet up before the tour begins? It will be my first time in Europe and it would be wonderful to meet some of my fellow tour mates.

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While I will not be there at that time we just got back. You will have a wonderful time.
Have you chosen a place to sleep yet? We have stayed in the Rue Cler neighborhood several times and it was great. It's my favorite.
On our June trip we had 3 days we had to stay elsewhere and got an affordable hotel in the Marais. Different but also a great area to check out. For all the people who say Parisians are rude I disagree. When we could not find a business (Flyview Paris) a local seen us looking at our map and discussing which way to turn. He came over and steered us in the right direction. When we went in to get my husband a ticket to jetpack his way over Paris (virtually) a cashier asked why not me. I said I couldn't get out of my wheelchair. She gave me a half priced ticket and set me up to fly in my own wheelchair. In the Louvre the area in front of the Mona Lisa was packed. When an attendant saw me she brought me and my crew to the front, in front of the ropes to have a good look.

My favorites are the Louvre, Musee Rodin, D'Orsay and sitting in the grass at sunset with a snack and watching the Eifel Tower light up, and the food.

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Hi Mayra, this was the first RS tour I took (solo) in 2007. It is a wonderful tour and Paris is a great place to begin your European adventures! You’ve probably already booked but if not, suggest you stay at the tour hotel so you don’t waste time moving the next day. Let them know you’re on the tour and you can probably just stay in the same room. I hope you have a great time on your first RS tour! Love Paris ❤️

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Hi, Mayra: Welcome to the Forum, and the RSE tours.

We took this tour years ago - 2012, I think - and loved it. We learned so much, not only about Paris, but also about how to travel and behave in Europe. You'll learn how to greet shopkeepers respectfully (very important!), how to use the Metro, and how to find your way around the most exciting city in the world. These skills will make your travels much more rewarding in years to come.

Have a wonderful time!