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Best of Ireland-Belfast

We just signed up for the 2 week Best of Ireland tour-our first RS (or really any organized) tour ever! We will end in Belfast, the tour ends with breakfast on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend so we don't have to leave for home until Saturday or Sunday. Is it worth staying in Belfast for the extra time? Or will we want more time in Dublin (we will arrive for the start of the tour in Dublin the day before?) If anyone has taken this tour and has any advice or suggestions we'd love to hear from you.

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I took this tour two years ago. I stayed in Belfast one day after the tour ended, but I wouldn’t do that again. There’s not that much to see in Belfast to warrant staying over. If I were you, I would devote that extra time to Dublin instead. If you don’t to visit the Newgrange site prior to beginning your Rick Steves travel, I would heartily recommend that you spend your extra time in Dublin and take the day trip out to see it.

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We did the Best of Ireland tour last June. Belfast was quite interesting and the BoI tour was great there, but really, there was nothing additional there we wanted to see. We took the bus back to Dublin where there is lots to see that isn't included in the tour. We spent 4 extra days in Dublin and there were still many things we didn't get a chance to see. Newgrange is a must! We also did a day tour of Glendalough & Kilkenny and really enjoyed that. Then we did a tour of Guinness - it was fine but I could have skipped it.

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I just took this tour in June. It was fabulous and you will have so much fun. I have been on 5 other RS tours and our guide and driver were the best ever. I didn't like Belfast as much as I did the Republic of Ireland although the Titanic Museum is great. It is very interactive. I'd return to Dublin where there is so much to see. I know I want to go back as I didn't have a chance to go out and see the Newgrange area. I went to England after my tour for another one week organized tour (not Rick Steves) and was reminded how well the Rick Steves tours are run. You meet friendly, compatible people, learn so much every day, group meals are memorable, guides knowledgeable and in Ireland you have fabulous pubs and music.

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I enjoyed the Newgrange tour as well and if you are just arriving the day before the tour, I'd not want to try and squeeze that in on the day your RS tour starts.

When I took the tour several years ago it was still when it ended in Dublin and that worked well. There was a lot of stuff I hadn't gotten to in Dublin and wanted to "finish up".