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RS Adriatic Tour - October?

We are booked for a guided bike tour of the Croatia Dalmatian Islands in September 2024. We are contemplating booking the RS Adriatic tour before or after the bike trip.
My preference is to do the RS tour afterward — Sept. 29 - Oct. 12. But I’m wondering if we have a better chance of good weather at the beginning of September. I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone who has travelled in the area (Slovenia, Croatia) in October.
Thanks in advance!

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We’ve travelled at that time of year before. In fact we are going Sept 2 to October 20 this year. It is cool up north and warm down south. If you make a note to PM me after October 10 I can let you know more detail. I keep a journal and usually jot down the weather. We are starting in Zagreb and ending in Dubrovnik.

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I did the Adriatic tour during that time frame last fall. Maybe one day with a bit of drizzle, otherwise very pleasant and sunny.

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Did the Best of Eastern Europe last fall, Oct 9-23 and it rained on our last day in Slovenia. Take rain gear.

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We did an OAT small ship tour of the Dalmatian coast in late October last year. The weather was beautiful...and warm (some days were 80 degrees). Guides and ship crew said this was unusual, and apparently the week before our tour the weather was pretty rainy. I think it's just hard to tell anymore, so be ready for anything?