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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Vest or jacket?
sten 11
Vest (or waistcoat): what are the pros and cons?
avirosemail 42
Vests are now "officially" a travel hack
stan 28
Viking Search for Northern lights cruise in February.
jillsking16 0
Viking Search for Northern lights cruise in February.
jillsking16 6
Vitamins/Prescriptions flying through England, Ireland, France
cbowers34 14
Vueling Airlines and Cpap machine carry on?
mjroseman2209 1
Waist or neck safety pouch for women?
grohsbj 30
Walking Sticks in carry-on luggage?
alohalover 27
Wanted recommendation womens packable water proof and wind resistant coat
WOZ 21
Wanted Review of the RS Rolling Backpack
LF 13
WaPo Article on How Much Underwear to Pack
TheOrdinaryRe... 23
Wardrobe for fitting in - Kids
Maria 8
Wardrobe Picks for 3 weeks In Europe
liz 44
Warm Socks
j.b.thomas 10
Washable cashmere and merino
Lola 15
Washing the Euro Flight Bag?
stoutfella 7
Carol 26
Waterproof accessories
Ginger 7
Wearing money belt on airplane? Confused.
NC tourist 22
Weather & clothing.
ptab49 6
Weather in May?
rankster 11
Website comparing airline carry-on dimensions
annemariefraley 7
We did NOT pack light and now must pay.
Mike 8
Weighing and packing and spread-sheeting, oh my!
stoutfella 18
Weighing of Carry on Luggage
tgreen 50
Weight of carry ons
gsteiger 18
Weight of RS 20" Rolling Carry-On?
Carolyn 10
weird packing question
horsewoofie 66
What about curling irons?
Lulu 17
What are your 'must-have' travel products?
Jimmy 44
What bag is Trish carrying?
Andrea 15
What did you not pack that you now consider essential?
cala 45
What did you pack that you should have left at home and what should you have packed...
psea 34
What does a guy carry?
peg 18
What does your bag weigh?
Cerastez 44
What do you carry your cosmetics in?
Lulu348 33
What do you curly hair people take in the quart size bag?
venotraci 32
What do you have in your day bag
Mira 30
What do you like least about traveling?
Pilgrim 107
What do you put all your little things in?
Lulu 30
What do you think of this carryon?
Lulu 21
What fun/luxury/indulgent item can you not live without when you travel?
Jill M. 81
What happened to the belt clip on the Back Door Bag?
levbarg 3
What has got your luggage searched?
Nicole P 88
What if .... I run low on meds?
Jim 10
What I packed vs what i wore: summer
travel4fun 0
what is allowed for carry on-domestic and international?
3ddana 10
what is the cheapest carry on bag i can buy for 21 day tour?
hockmasm 32
What is the Official Approved Carry on Bag size
carmen 16