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RS packable waist pack and backpack

Has anyone tried the RS packable waist pack? I like to wear waist packs cross body instead of around my waist. How long is the strap, end to end, when fully extended? Do you like it?

Also, if you've tried the packable backpack, let us know what you think! Thanks!

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I have a backpack by Baggalini but the same dimensions and and fold-into-its- pocket style and have found it very useful for day hikes. When life was normal (sigh) my trips typically included a mix of hiking and museums/city sightseeing. If you are a backpack person it could serve as your day bag, but I like to use a black tote, with one big opening that also zips to pocket size, since it's a little dressier. Both were in addition to either a small crossbody for city days or using pockets for hiking days. Combined they can go in the suitcase bottom so easily. Can't help with the waist pack, sorry!

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I have the waist pack and I really like it. I also have an Eddie Bauer packable waist pack. The strap on the EB pack is longer, but the pack itself it a little bulkier than the RS. The RS pack is more streamlined and holds more than you'd think. I just returned from a 5 day trip and used my RS pack in lieu of a purse. I wear both cross body. I wasn't aware that RS has a packable backpack. I have an EB 20L and like it. I just received a 30L and haven't used it yet.

Edited to add that I just looked at the RS backpack. I see it doesn't have water bottle holders. The EB pack does, so I personally would prefer the EB. If that isn't an important feature I would imagine the RS bag is fine. If you do like the EB products you can often find them for 50% off. Right now the waist pack is on sale for $9.99 and the 20L backpack is $14.99.

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My husband and I both have the 20 L and the 30 L packable backpacks from Eddie Bauer. They work great, actually can hold quite a bit of weight, cost very little and weigh next to nothing. Bonus points - I wash them in a cold water delicate cycle when I get home from my travels (back in the good old days) and let them drip dry and they are as good as new.

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I third the recommendation for the EB packable backpack (I have the larger one). It’s light, easy to toss in a suitcase, and holds enough for the day. I also recommend EB’s packable 40 liter duffels made of the same material. Both of my kids took them on their semester daughter had 20+ flights and the duffel still looked and functioned like new.