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Ryan Air carry on bag requirements

We have the Rick Steves Classic Back door back pack. It seems to be fairly close to the Ryan Air cabin requirements but it may be tight. Has anyone used the Classic Back Door back pack for a Ryan Air flight? If not, what do you suggest can be used on Ryan air because it looks like the requirements are very small: 55cmx40xmx20cm

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Ryan Air is dead serious about bag size. They make a lot of revenue from bag fees so they are well motivated to make sure your bag doesn't fit. Fairly close only counts in horse shoes. You are looking at 21x16x8. 8 is the problem because not too many are that thin. The Steve's bag is 21x14x9 (I think). So you should be OK if you don't stuff it. Got stay in that 8" measurement. Personally we don't fly Ryan just for that reason. If worried pay to check the bag prior to the airport.

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We flew Ryan once, fall 2016. We both use the RS Convertible Backpack. No issue. Never measured. No one questioned us as we walked around with them on our backs. If it had been measured it would have fit in their sizer (I quietly checked them myself).

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It's a softsided bag meaning it doesn't have rigid sides. Unless you overpack, you can squeeze it into the sizer.

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I've just completed a round trip Stansted-Toulouse with a bag that exceeded dimensions by the same amount as yours (more since it bulged on the return) and a personal item that also didn't match their peculiar 35 X 20 X 20 cm limit, but did fit easily under the seat. We paid for priority boarding both ways, so I could take both bags on board. No one paid any attention to my bags at Stansted or Toulouse, nor did the gate agents fuss about anyone else's bags, as far as I could see.