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RS Hideaway Tote Bag defect and Great Customer Service

I took the RS Rome City Tour in Dec'16. Knowing that I would be self-touring both prior to and after the Rome portion I decided to buy the RS Hideaway Tote Bag. I felt it would be perfect to carry dirty clothes to the laundromat or groceries as we would be traveling for 3 weeks. I bought the bag in November. While in Florence, the first time I used the bag to carry laundry the bag's bottom split open in 3 different places along the bottom the seam. I was stunned and sadly disappointed to say the least. I have several other RS travel pieces that I consider to be of good quality.

During the trip I took photos of the defective bag and emailed RS's Customer Service. Without hesitation they refunded me the full price of the bag. While not a lot of money in of itself....It's great to know that RS stands behind his products. I would have no hesitation buying future items from his store.

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I agree with you on RS customer service. My husband's convertible backpack zipper broke. We could not remember how long he had owned it. Probably for a few years. They sent him a new one, at no charge! Did not even want us to send back the broken one!

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A RS roller bag I was using developed a problem with the expanding handle. Sometimes it would not come up and other times it would not lock up. I took it up to the RS Headquarters in Edmonds, WA, (I was staying about 30 minutes away). I showed the problem to someone behind the desk and they asked to take it to their shop.
They soon returned with my bag and said it was deemed to be a manufacturing defect and told me to go over and pick out a brand new bag, which I immediately did. No cost - no hassles - great customer service. They did remind me to keep the paperwork that was generated with the exchange since they do not guarantee RS stuff that is not sold by them. I'm impressed.

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I had a personal carry on item which totally failed and a roller bag which messed up. Both were replaced with no questions. They do support good customer service.