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RS traveling Toiletry question

I recently bout the RS hanging toiletry bag for my Europe travel, but is it TSA approved or do I need to use a clear TSA 3-1-1 bag.

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TSA requires resealable one quart plastic bag for liquids etc,

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I haven't bothered putting my (<100mL) toiletries in a separate bag, or pulling them out for separate inspection, in 7 years or more. I do always have a handful of various-sized ziplocs in case someone gets stroppy, but I just leave my things in my hanging toiletries case (I have a Muji one) in my carryon.

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TSA does not approve luggage or accessories like a toiletry bag. You still have to meet the requirements for inspection. Rick Steves doesn't claim any special privileges for this bag either. Its just a handy way of carrying toiletries while touring around.

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Your liquids have to be in a clear quart sized bag. The toiletries kit Rick sells is good for your non liquid toiletries in your carry-on, and I transfer my liquids into it at my first destination.

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I follow the rules and put my liquids in a clear plastic quart bag and then put then reassemble them in my LLBean toiletry kit after I clear TSA or get to my first hotel. However last summer we got TSA precheck and now we don't have to remove our liquids from our bags.

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In Berlin, airport security opened my RS toiletry bag because they thought my deodorant was a gel. It was solid.

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Put liquids in the clear bags to save any hassle at the security check

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Why not just follow the rules and put your liquids in a clear plastic zip lock quart bag? Why invite a hassle? It's just not worth it. Reassemble your kit when you get to your first hotel.

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I have used Rick Steves' toiletry bag for years but put liquids in the clear 1 quart bag until I had TSA pre check through Global Entry.

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Thank you everyone for helping me out. This is the first time I have done carry on luggage, since I have always checked it. I will do the quart bag and then leave my toiletry empty until I get to my destination.

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My hanging toiletry bag always has plenty of stuff in it even without the liquids. I use mineral makeup, so that goes in, along with brushes, razor, magnifying mirror, toothbrush, glasses, all my Rx and OTC meds in tiny ziplocks, emergen-c, bandaids, deodorant ... I love the RS bag because it holds so much so well, with all the pockets on sides, the flap, inside and on the back. I keep almost everything that needs to go in the bathroom in there. And I have the older version of the bag which is a little smaller than the new one.

I like hanging toiletry bags. Some hotels have pedestal sinks with no counter space. I like the organization as well. Put all non- liquid/paste/gel items in your toiletry bag. Only use the 311 for liquids, creams, gels, pastes. Make sure these items are in marked 3 oz. or less containers in a hefty 1 quart freezer bag (ziplock). Freezer bags are heavier material.