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RS store now has a spinner

The Rick Steves store now has a spinner bag. There must be a demand for it.

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If only they would get some more attractive colors.

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He caved! But honestly, after many years of using the RS rolling bag(and replacing my first one when the handle stopped working), I have used spinners on two trips to Europe this year and love them.

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I see that now. I have no interest in Spinners, but it's clearly become the rolling bag of choice. Whenever I search a particular brand, there are far more spinners than two-wheel bags.

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As long as he keeps his Classic Back Door Bag, I'm good with it.

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I stop in at Macy's and (more often) TJMaxx and Marshalls from time to time to see what's on the luggage shelves. For at least the last 18 months it has been extremely rare to see a two-wheeled bag that was over 19" or 20"; the two-wheeled bags look like the sort of thing people use to carry laptops and files back and forth between their homes and offices. I am not happy about the situation, but it is the reality.

Actually, I don't know how many wheels they're putting on the large bags (25" and up), because I never pay any attention to those. I want something around 23". It's pretty clear I'll have to order online or settle for a spinner.

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Frank II,

Based on what I've seen in airports, spinners seem to have replaced the two-wheel versions as the most popular luggage. As with most wheeled luggage, I suspect the weak points will be with the wheels and the telescoping handle. I'd be interested to see some reviews and user tests on this bag.

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I have a spinner. In terms of use, I loved it. Now it has a bad wheel and is pretty much worthless. The spinner wheels seem much more fragile, especially in Europe with rough pavement and cobblestones. I would make sure to get a lifetime guarantee from a company that will stand behind it and not claim "normal wear". I would also only consider ones with screw on wheels, not grommets. For my damaged suitcase (that actually had a life time warranty, that in the end was worthless) they agreed to send me the wheel, but I had to pay to have it replaced since it was attached with grommets. I might have paid to have it done if the other wheels weren't looking ready to go. And BTW, the suitcase had been used for 2 trips.

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Wheels attached via a metal plate are more likely to break than ones screwed on directly.

I switched to a spinner a little over a year ago. It has been all over Europe, the U.S and Japan. No problems.

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Frank II, what brand spinner do you have?

I think everyone settles on a luggage style that works best for them. Because I don’t want any problems with a suitcase, I opt for the bag with the fewest external parts: two large wheels, sturdy two part telescope handle, one pocket the full length of the front. Of course I reached this after eliminating a variety of bad choices over the years that are still living in my closet.

Spinners are truly easier for people with wrist and shoulder problems to manouver on flat smoother surfaces. I’m not going to rule them out because I may need one! Eagle Creek would be my choice because of their generous return policy...I’m suspicious of spinning wheels.

BTW I believe spinners have had a resurgence in part because of the intense marketing campaigns of luxury spinner brands like Rimowa...the department store brands are trying to follow the trend.

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I used a RS 22” (2 wheel) carry on for 7 yrs before i had to replace it. Two and a half years ago, i bought the RS 20” (2 wheel) carry on - but didn’t use it because for my next trip a year ago i needed a 24” suitcase.
I could not find suitcases that were not spinners so i bought a 24” Travel Pro (ultra light) spinner.
When i used it last year, i found out i love spinners.
This Sept-Oct i took the 24” spinner and the 20” RS (2-wheel) carry on. I found out quickly that i do not like 2 wheels anymore. The spinner has worked really well everywhere for two trips now - including cobblestones and rough pavement. The 2 wheel RS carry on was a pain in the neck to maneuver.

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I use the Away carry on. It is heavier than I would like but it is well made and has an excellent warranty.

As an example, the included battery wasn't charging correctly. I was in London and went to their shop there and exchanged it for a new one.

With spinners, you need to spend a little more for quality if you don't want problems. Cheap spinners mean cheap wheels.

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I'm seriously considering an Away bag based on Frank II's reviews. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to luggage, and with the new Away variations (expandability and a front pocket), that's tipping the scale more in the "buy" direction for me.

Overall, I prefer two wheels based on the space and weight angle, but there's no question that the spinners are a lot easier to maneuver in a crowded airport or hotel. My big thing is the quality of the wheels. Can they be easily replaced? Durable? For that reason, I think it's probably wise to spend a few more bucks on a good quality bag, especially if you're a frequent traveler.

I own a couple of carryon spinners, one a Travelpro and the other an inexpensive Rockland 19 inch. Both have been pretty durable, and you can buy spare wheels for the Travelpro in case one goes south. Not sure about the Rockland, but it's cheap enough that if it was too expensive to repair, I'd just 86 it.

I rarely check bags but needed a slightly larger one last year for a trip that required carrying a couple of business suits. Since I knew it wouldn't get much use, I went for a very affordable 24-inch spinner from Amazon Basics. I've only used it for two trips so far, but this is a nice bag at a good price. And Amazon sells replacement wheels, too. Rolls smoothly, spacious and a solidly built handle. So far, so good.

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“spinners are a lot easier to maneuver in a crowded airport or hotel”

I find them easier everywhere, especially crowded sidewalks. We arrived in Paris during a transportation strike on 9/13 and had to walk for 2 hrs on crowded sidewalks, up and down curbs, gravel-y portions, uneven pavement, etc, to our apartment. The spinner was great, the 2 wheel was a pain.

As Frank II and wildcat said, i think the key is getting a good quality spinner. Good quality doesn’t mean expensive. I got mine on sale at Macys for around $100.

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I have had both spinners and 2 wheeled suitcases in Europe, and I've had wheels break on both. For the last at least 10 years,our family of 4 has traveled with Victorinox brand spinners and they have been great. The one smallest suitcase did finally have a ruined wheel after two months of cobblestone travel, but the suitcase continued to function (roll) as a spinner, and Victorinox repaired it for the cost of shipping. I watch the Macy's sales and get these suitcases on closeouts or great sales.