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Ryan Air personal item

Hello - we have Ryan air tickets that allow us one checked bag and one personal item each. The dimensions for personal items are 15.7x7.9x9.8"/40x20x25 cm. Can anyone suggest a backpack that fits those criteria? The packs I've found so far are almost all too tall (more than 16"), and it looks as though Ryan Air is extremely strict about meeting the dimensions (or, have people found that it's okay to "squisih" a bag into a bag sizer?) I found one site in the UK that specializes in bags that meet Ryan Air standards, but the prices, especially when you add shipping, are beyond my means. Many thanks for any suggestions!

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If you can squish a bag, then it’s within the dimension allowance. They’re concerned about how much volume you’re actually taking up on the plane.

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One thing I suggest is to make sure you look at the bag sizes based on the metric measurements.

In hunting for a new carryon last summer I could not get the measurements in inches to match with European airline requirements. It finally dawned on me that the inches are rounded up or down and the metric measurements are on target. I’m not a math person so my poor brain took a while to figure this out, lol!!

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It finally dawned on me that the inches are rounded up or down and the metric measurements are on target.

I've been trying to get this point across for years but few seemed to understand.

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Akros - that's the brand that I saw from Britain, but couldn't find on the US Amazon site. Thanks for posting - it certainly meets the requirements!

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I guess I will state the obvious. The size of the bag is the size empty. If you want to comply (without squishing it into the sizer) then you better not overpack.

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I have found Ryanair to not be as strict as they use to be. But as long as your bag can fit in the sizer, it doesn’t matter if the bag itself is a little bigger if it squishes down. I’ve taken both carry ons and personal items that were a couple inches over and didn’t squish and never had a problem but it’s always a risk so I advise just leave a little wiggle room in the bag and make sure it’s soft sided to play it safe.