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RS shop online shipping costs/ packs for kids

Hi all. I've been looking at lots of posts about the RS convertible carry on back pack. Two further questions:
1. I'm in Canada- what is the shipping cost?
2. I'm going on the 13 day family tour with my 11 year old daughter (who is very slighly built and weighs 70 lbs). Could she carry the RS pack? Or any other suggestions for kids carry on? We do not want to check bags.

Thanks all!

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Hi, I wonder if your daughter would like the Cotopaxi 28L backpack? I used the 35L one last summer for a month-long trip and loved it. It opens like a clamshell and doesn’t even need packing cubes. They come in bright colors (the Del Dia version) and also some basic ones - lots of color combos to choose.

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I’m not a backpack person but I remember a few posts ages ago about kids using RS Appenzell daypack for their carryon. Maybe that will work for her.
The convertible carryon is almost suitcase size. Or maybe the rolling carryon if she wants wheels. But I’m thinking both will be too heavy when packed for her.

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The convertible bag is approximately 55 cm long from top to bottom. I have a feeling this would be way too big for her.

However, as mentioned, the Appenzell is even suggested for kids. It's approximately 45cm in length and weighs half as much as the convertible carry on.

But, there are also numerous wheeled bags sized for kids that will meet the carry on size limits of most airlines. Is she going to be able to handle 15 lbs on her back? If you don't have a backpack, borrow one, fill it approximately with what she is going to be taking, and let her take a walk to see how she handles it.

I did a search on Amazon Canada for "rolling bags for kids" and got this:

The Appenzell is an excellent suggestion for a youth pack. My family has one that we have used for years now. It’s been my daughter’s primary underseat “luggage” for quite a while. She is small and started using it in middle school. She has traveled with it through high school. She’s in college now and still flies with it.
We have used it as a family day pack as well. One pack to carry everyone’s stuff (lunches and more) for the day. Packing cubes can help.

27 - 28 liters is a good size for youth and will fit under most airplane seats. There is bags; the “military” style pack has better padding and straps. EcoHub has some smaller packs on
You may wish to consider a pack with a trolley strap that can be slid over the handle of a parent’s rolling suitcase. American Tourister has a small 4 kix underseat rolling suitcase. I have seen the American tourister underseat bag used on frontier airline.

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If memory serves correctly, at one time Steves' had a slightly smaller version of the convertible carry on back pack for those with short torsos. Not sure if it is still available, but it might be worth a call or email to be certain.