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RS Storewide Sale

Hi Everyone! If you haven't seen this, everything in Rick Steves' store is on sale online. Most luggage and accessories are 25% off but many guidebooks are 50% off. Banner popped up today. Sales ends Memorial Day (5/25).
Guidebooks -- just what I need to get me excited about maybe traveling next year. Nothing like the joy of planning except visiting! I sure don't need anything else, but I still keep looking.
Enjoy! Kathy

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Nice to kick the RS conglomerate a few bucks and replace or upgrade some travel gear. (All of our travel clothing and cool tools WILL get used in the near future!) I looked at RS guidebooks but I think I’ll spend some money at my local independent booksellers when they open up in a few days or maybe weeks.

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Just ordered a crossbody bag that I've had my eye on.

I'm hoping my niece will choose something as a graduation gift. I take full responsibility for encouraging a young person's travel habit!

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Guess I jumped too soon at the Ebags sale last weekend. Jr Motherlode about the same price as Rick's Convertible backpack ... but the aquamarine color is gorgeous. And I already have a Civita daypack, a don't-tell-Rick packable totes and a Euro totes (highly recommended all of them.)

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As much as we have made good use of our Euro Flight Bags, it is our intention to avoid purchasing anything made in China for Rick Steves ETBD in the future. In 2007 two of our cats died of kidney failure from Chinese gluten, laced with melamine and cyanuric acid, and sold to U.S cat food companies. This Wuhan market coronavirus was the last straw.

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I don't need any bags, but I bought a couple of guidebooks in anticipation of a trip in fall 2021, some plug adapters I don't need (but at $1 each one can never have too many), a Michelin map of Switzerland and a packable hip pack. I would have bought more guidebooks, but they will be updated before the trip. I'll wait on those.

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I got the email and bought a neck wallet and moneybelt for hubby for our (fingers crossed) trip to England & Paris in Sept/Oct.

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For anyone that's been considering the Veloce Guide Bag for iPad, I heartily recommend it. I don't even have an iPad, but I really like it. It holds a decent amount for a travel day while out and about and has a nice slim profile.