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RS Rolling Luggage and Convertible Backpack

Hi there...doing the RS Best of Turkey in Oct 2022. I will need to fly from Izmir back to Istanbul for a few additional days probably on Turkish Airlines. Does anyone know if either the rolling luggage or backpack will be acceptable for carryon? Really looking forward to my first RS Tour!! Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Only the airline can answer that question. What limits does Turkish Air put on carry-on? What does the web site say????

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Turkish Airlines has the traditional 21”x15”x9” size requirement but the problem is they only allow 17.6 lbs for the weight of the bag. I you used the Rick Steves Classic back door bag and went ultra light you might be able to get under the weight limit. With my backpack, and being ruthless with my packing light I can get down to around 19-20 lbs, therefore I would have to check my bag.

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Regarding the weight limit...Sarah Murdoch says to put on layers of heavy clothes and fill pockets with heavy stuff to meet the weight limit. They don’t weigh you, just the carry on bag. Rolling bags almost weigh 1/3rd of the 17.6 pounds. Another way to get from Izmir to Istanbul is a combo train and ferry trip. Something to consider.

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Thank you! I think ill stick with the convertible backpack and if I have to check it, I will. I have an Osprey Ozone that I like also. I think ill get a luggage scale and see how things add up when time gets closer. Im sure ill buy a few small souvenirs along the way during the tour so I may just end up doing a roll on and checking it! Such a fun issue to have after all this covid stuff right? Hopefully we'll move on from this soon! Thank you again everyone...happy travels!

Based on the 17.6 lb. limit, I recommend that you either get a backpack with no wheels in the 35 - 40 liter range that weighs under 3 lb.s (empty bag) or just check a rolling bag. (Check weight and dimensions of allowed checked bag.). Note: 35 liters is doable, but you will have to judiciously pare back.

The train/ferry combination sounds interesting. I enjoy traveling this way.