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RS Store plug adapters in Greece and Turkey?

Do the European plug adapters sold for $1.00 in the RS store work in Greece and Turkey? The description just says Continental Europe. I've seen conflicting comments from other travel sites that say the spacing of the two round pins is slightly narrower for Greece (and Turkey?) calling it a Southern European adapter as compared to the Northern European adapter used in France, Germany, etc. I know these are totally different than the flat-pronged UK adapters. I don't need voltage conversion, just to adapt our US plugs to the plugs in Greece and Turkey.

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We used the two pin European plug adaptors in both Greece and Turkey on several different trips. I always take several.

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We used the RS adapters in Greece. They are a bargain @ $1.00. We take several!

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Used them in Greece with no problems! Have not been to Turkey.

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It's the plugs. The plugs (type E or F) used in northern Europe have pins that are 4.8mm diam ~3/16" diam). The plugs in southern Europe (Italy, et al) have pins that are 4.0mm diam (about ~ 5/32" diam), and their receptacles don't accept the thicker pins of the northern European plugs.

According to this website, Greece and Turkey use the northern European receptacles (type F) so you would not have a problem with plugs with 4.8mm pins. These receptacles also accept the 4.0mm pins of a type C plug, which is what the "RS Store plug adapters" use.

However, a type C plug (one with two pins) is limited by code to appliances drawing 2.5 amps or less (about 575 watts), so one should not be used with hair dryers. Further, the type C plug is not "polarized", so it should also not be used with a US appliance which has a polarized plug (one pin wider than the other).