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RS new bag vs old bag

To clarify what I've been reading...
- the new RS rolling carry-on suitcase is smaller than the previous version
- the old version is no longer carry-on size for european airlines

I purchased a 2010 version of this bag and am flying Aer Lingus/Flybe/Ryanair to Ireland, Northern Ireland & Scotland.
Is this going to be a problem with bringing the suitcase as carry-on? particularly with the 2 smaller airlines?

I've done the measurements and it does seem that it's a bit too long.
Thanks in advance for any knowledge you could impart!

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I bought a RS suitcase in 2012. It's 22X14X9. It's okay for British Airlines and USA flights even Alitalia.
But, too big for some European airlines. You need to check the website for your specific airline. If you need 20X14X8, your RS bag is too big. He has smaller cases now.

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that's what I'm afraid of. It seems a bit too deep, but actually would have a little room in the width to spare. But then do the small European lines go by the exact measurements or the "total" measurements?

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Would the sky fall if you had to check your bag rather than do "carry on" ?

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It has to do with overhead bin size. It's the length including wheels when you slide it in top/handle side first. Also, the depth may be too thick. You can't slide it in sideways - takes too much compartment space.

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miners51 ,

i took Aer-Lingus a few years ago from Dublin to Edinburgh and my Ospray back pack/bag had to be checked in. Even though it met the other minimal standards, Aer Lingus standard was much smaller.

Happy trails.

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My non-wheeled, soft sided Convertible backpack, when not stuffed, will fit in any US or European sizing box.