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Czech Republic

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Mucha's Slav Epic temporarily closed
christa 3
"Secondary" sights in Prague
Christine 15
Transport in Prague
Christine 11
Hotel recommendations for Cesky Krumlov?
ChristineH 8
Trip to Germany-Salzburg-Cesky Krumlov-Prague-Amsterdam
ChristineH 9
Recommendations for walking tours/beer tours in Prague?
ChristineH 17
Start and end in Prague in 20 days
Christine H. 18
Best Time to Visit Prague- want to avoid high season
Visiting Prague- August 2018
Visiting Prauge for first time- questiona about restrooms- where?
Prague- first time- any recommendations for walking tour guides? will be 2 of us
Prague- want to avoid tourist trap type restaurants- looking for good Czech food in Prague
Visiting Prague - question about the Castle tours- have Ricks book
Prague airport taxie- which company?
Prague- charged for tap water in restaurants-question
Airlines from Prague to Rome
churchill12013 5
Travel Outside of Prague
cihakp 9
Stay in C Krumlov or C Budejovice?
Cindi 2
Is Vienna-Braislave-Prague reasonable in 7 days?
cindycs 7
Prague-laundry service
cindycs 11
Krakow to Cesky Krumlov
c in houston 2
Karlovy Vary
cinsf1 2
Train from prague to vienna & vienna to innsbruck - lucerne
ciprytjan 3
Black Light Theater
Prague to St Avold WWll cemetery
ckl327 3
Czeck Koruna
ckulp 15
October crowds and weather
Claire89 8
One night+full day+half morning -Prague
claraft 9
Prague to Nuremberg- best suggestions?
clator01 6
Most economical Transportation from Nuremberg to Munich airport
clator01 6
Train luggage restrictions
claude3721 3
Locking luggage
claude3721 11
Prague and Cesky Krumlov castles
Claude C. 9
Best area for hotel or Airbnb in Prague
claudine.robert 6
anniversary dinner rec in Cesky Krumlov
clekitch 1
Recommendations on what to do in Prague just before RS 8 day tour of Prague, Budapest
Clementine 8
Prague, Munich or Vienna Recommendations
clist54 3
Seniors ride for free - Prague
clocherrm 5
Pilsn vs Budejovice
cloos64 18
Credit cards at restaurants
cloos64 9
Prague and Vienna over christmas
cmcg 1
Cesky Krumlov - Day Trip or Side Trip on way to Vienna
coghillt 4
Berta Peat Spa in Trebon
coletteplus3 1
Dolní Dobrouč - any insights on lodging, private tours, meal with locals, etc.
coletterj 7
best places to stay
colleencarpen... 2
Overnight train from Prague to Budapest
colleenpsu84 3
Splitting our time between Prague and...?
ColorlessGreen 5
Why do you love Prague?
commila 17
Brussels Air or Czech Air - Brussels to Prague to Paris
conniebarton 2
Stopping point Vienna to Prague
copein57 4