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Budepest verses Prague

We are planning a river cruise on the Danube in May. It starts in Prague and ends in Budapest. We are contemplating adding some extra days at one of these cities. Which city has more to offer for the museum/castle type of travelers?

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The cities have some commonality in that they're both split by a major river. They're both beautiful cities too.
We have found that Budapest doesn't have so many weekend revelers coming over from the U.K. Budapest does have a very strong nightlife with ruin pubs and large parties in Roman Baths on weekends, however. The young people of Budapest speak great English, and they're very hip.
We just feel more secure in Budapest, and plan on returning in April, 2020 for our 3rd visit in recent years.

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They both have castles on the hills. Both have lots of museums. Budapest has Parliament, which is incredible. And far fewer areas that feel crowded. I prefer and would suggest Budapest.

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Budapest would get my vote every time. Plus Hungary has great food and even better wines. Don't miss the Postal Museum, the Holocaust Museum and the Parliament.

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I'd go for Prague if it weren't for the crowds, but there they are so Budapest it is. And, not a bad second.

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That's a tough one, but we were so impressed with Budapest---particularly it's affordability, that we added 4 additional days to our 3 day stay! It was just a great place, good food and food halls, safe, etc. I love Prague as well and am visiting the 2nd time over Christmas. Can you do both? They deserve your time!

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Thank you all, for your advice. I think I am going to try and add two days onto each end of the trip!

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I'll just chime in to say we enjoyed Prague more. We stayed for a week across the river in the 7th district close to a tram stop, so we were out of tourist central. We really made use of all the green spaces in and just outside the city.

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Budapest is a city of the 19th century, with a few architectural blunders here and there, a lively and authentic centre with real Hungarians living there, so-so museums, and great food.
Prague was one of the most important cities in Central Europe for centuries, with a much older and architectonical diverse centre, almost no blunders, completely Disneyfied now, and so-so museums and food.

Pictures and architecture: Prague
Lifestyle and urbanity: Budapest

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Went to both last year.

Loved Prague - but we stayed in Vinohrady district so we got away from the tourist crowds. Felt very safe at night.

Budapest - didn’t like it much. We stayed near the river and it was very crowded and tour guides very in your face. Didn’t feel comfortable walking around at night.

Both have good museums, castles, architecture etc. We found Budapest more run down, streets dirty and a bit sad, but that did make it cheaper than Prague.