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Day Trip to Trebic and Telc

I will stay in Brno for couple days, and thinking about a day trip to Trebic and Telc. I would like your opinion for this trip plan.
Here is what I'd like to do:
Take the early direct bus from Brno to Telc, spend sometime there.
Take a direct bus from Telc to Trebic, sightseeing there
going back to Brno late afternoon by either direct train or direct bus.

Will I be able to visit 2 towns in one day without the feeling of "rushing through"?
When is the last bus or train from Trebic to Brno?


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For public transport in the Czech Republic, please consult:

Telc is very small, so a morning there is probably sufficient. You may or may not wish to visit the castle.

Trebic has an interesting Jewish Ghetto and Jewish cemetery as well as a large Romanesque-Gothic basilica. The town has UNESCO status on account of the two sites of worship in such close proximity. If you're planning on visiting both Telc and Trebic in a day, please make sure that you leave yourself enough time in Trebic to actually visit the sites before they close.

In terms of timings, this is something that you will be able to figure out once you look at the public transport website listed above.

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Thank you all. You guys gave great information. I love the idea taking the old fashion train back to Brno from Trebic. It will give me the opportunity to experience something nice. That is great. So, day trip plan:
Brno to Telc in the morning, leave enough time in Trebic, taking the train back to Brno in the evening.