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Cesky Krumlov?

We're booked on the GAS tour during September and have made plans to spend 3 nights in Prague at the end of the tour. Our tour ends on a Friday morning in Vienna and our plan has been to leave for Prague around mid day. We'd be there for 3 nights, flying home from Prague at 2:20pm on Monday.

We're pondering whether or not to switch things up a bit and include a night in Cesky Krumlov and then 2 nights in Prague instead. We'd probably leave Vienna after breakfast and take one of the shuttles to Cesky Krumlov. We'd spend about 24 hours there before heading to Prague on Saturday mid day. This would put us in Prague in the late afternoon on Saturday. We'd have the remainder of Saturday, all day Sunday and a little time Monday morning to explore Prague.

Interested in any opinions on this. Thanks!

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We were going to on a Rick Steves Prague to Budapest tour so we left a couple days early. We opted to spend a couple of nights prior to the tour beginning....and absolutely loved the place. Now we were lucky because there was a festival of arts and music happening ( we didn’t know before...and we did have a bit of a challenge finding a room as this 10 years ago before all the internet connections for housing)...but we LOVED the place. I would have to review my notes, but I remember visiting a palace...enjoyed the square where the festival was taking place and had a great meal. I remember taking a bus to get there...I can give you more specifics if you like.

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Just got home from Prague and Cesky Krumlov.......we had been to Prague before but LOVE the Charles Bridge (a must), and seeing the Jewish quarter, walking up to Castle Hill and seeing the church and grounds there. We left Prague and drove to Cesky Krumlov and we LOVED it.......SO CHARMING and gorgeous photo spots everywhere. I would hate to think that I would have missed this special place. We got there early afternoon, stayed at Castle View Apartments in the heart of the town, walked and shopped until we had an early dinner right across the street from Castle View, had a great breakfast the next morning, walked up to the castle and then left by noon.....saw all we needed to and thoroughly enjoyed this charming village. We were there maybe 24 hours. If you plan your Prague days well and see the high points I think Cesky is a must!

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I did pretty much that, shuttled from Salzburg to CK and then spent the night and transferred to Prague late the next day. I loved CK. It's full of tourists, but if you spend the night you get hours without masses of tourists to explore the town. September should be lovely there. I would do it.

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I love Cesky Krumlov but don't think that detour leaves you enough time in Prague, where 3 nights is pretty much the minimum recommendation. Versus a direct, 4-hour train ride between the two cities, and an (already booked?) 3-night stay in one hotel, the extra 3 hours of driving time and brief hotel formalities do cut into your sightseeing. You will see other cute, small towns and rivers and castles on your tour.

How well people really make use of a morning before a flight, etc., probably varies a lot. Either plan works better if you're an up-and-at-them morning person. Some of your fellow tour members may leave pretty early or even skip the last breakfast option, depending on the flight plans.

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We just got back from Cesky Krumlov. It was one of the highlights of our trip. You can take a mid morning shuttle there from c k shuttle. Walk the old town, eat by the river and tour the castle. Make sure you buy the castle tour tickets online because they will sell out. Most of the people on our English tour were people that spoke English as a second language. We went to Prague 10 years ago and it was very crowded in the summer. You should go the back way-see Rick’s book-up to the castle area. Tour the castle sites and walk down hill to the Charles Bridge. It will be crowded. Cross the bridge to the old square. Go up to the top of the old town hall for a great view. Then watch the clock and every tourist in Prague will join you. If you can extend your trip by one day you should. One day in Cesky Krumlov is enough. Two full days in Prague is tight. Also go to the Jewish quarter in Prague. Remember the shuttle to and from CK is about 3 hours but check the website

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Nobody can answer this for you. You have to make a choice. Do you want give up a day in the most spectacular city in Europe for a most spectacular village?

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Nobody can answer this for you. You have to make a choice. Do you want
give up a day in the most spectacular city in Europe for a most
spectacular village?

Thanks for your insight. I realize nobody can answer this for me. This is why I asked for opinions. I'm interested in other people's thoughts so I can make an informed decision. I thought this was apparent in my OP. If not, I apologize :).

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Brian, tough decision for sure. We will be visiting Central Europe in a couple months. Fortunately we will have the time for a two night break in Cesky Krumlov. I've read that some contributors said 24 hrs is enough or even a half day. Our purpose is to have downtime on our long journey. Any consideration to spending a half day in CK before heading to Prague? Leave Vienna early? It would be tight. We start our journey in Budapest. Train to Vienna x5 nights. We are using the CK Shuttle from Vienna>Cesky Krumlov>Prague (door to door). We are spending 6 nights in Prague. Planned a day trip to Terezin, etc.
Best wishes in your plans.

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Janis, you will have enough time in C.K. Go for a canoe trip.

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We decided to add a stop in Cesky Krumlov. It’ll reduce our time in Prague, but this won’t be our last trip to the area. If we need to next time we’ll plan more time there. We’ll use CK Shuttle between Vienna and CK, and also between CK and Prague. Thank you for all the thoughtful replies!