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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Trip research - thanks Rick!
Bruce 1
Amazon Fire Stick
Georgiatraveler 5
Adventure with European SIM cards
Barnstormer 13
Streaming Stick For Internet Content in Europe?
jrfandff 1
Sending credit card numbers to Hotels
Carolyn 18
Cpap and a U.S. Extension Power Cord
Shari 9
Windows 10 help
Frank II 9
Sending Group Emails from IOS or Android Device
pfred2080 4
cell phones
inkatshands 3
Simcard in Belgium
JustTravel 3
Wifi assist ate our data
Denny 11
Creating an RS Tour Scrapbook
Larry 5
City Maps to Go app free this weekend
Nicole P 15
Inexpensive travel gifts, also external battery charger in OZ?
martianellen 17
A cashless world
Paul 38
USB charger question
Allie 11
Sim card
wjm457 3
Plug adaptor question
Lola 7
Preventing Cell Phone Theft
Frank II 16
Download problem on Kindle app
pnwsurfer 5
Delta is first to launch Baggage App
Pam 4
Moving videos to the Cloud and keeping them there
Lola 5
Is this considered duel voltage?
cparadowski 11
is a pin a necessity for using a credit card?
jraiche123 22
Cell Phone Security Suggestion
joefig1995 10
Adaptors for iPhone/ipad
halfdozmom 11
Blogs as you travel
Paul 13
T-mobile has unlimited data and text
Michelle 18
Purchasing cell phone in Europe
Mary 5
WiFi On American Airlines International Flights
ctsuhako 11
Language Learning Suggestion - School or App
shanonnich 9
Travel Apps!
tpww 1
110 or 220 what should I do?
Bets 18
SIM from TIM in Italy won't work in France
bookman6094 3
Use of phone while traveling
halfdozmom 20
NBC Sunday Morning Travel Apps
Brenda 2
ATM PIN Requirements
jennkreger 14
Wifi and email on Tracfone smartphone
Sempre Italia 🇮🇹 6
Telephone Usage in Spain
Jack 1
"Pocket" App is the best for "offline reading"
Shelley 4
Apps for translations
gloriafreemon 11
Question about switching SIM cards when traveling
Julia 9
Calls to My Cell Phone with Spanish purchased SIM card
Robert 2
lnbsig 🌍 2
Need more help with a multisocket extension cord
Bets 10
Printing out tickets in Europe
seacoastpet 12
Camera or iPhone
halfdozmom 7
Need Suggestions for an inexpensive/light laptop
Yolanda 25
Advance planning if phone or iPad gets stolen
Larry 4
Scottish Smartphone?
Frank II 6