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City Maps 2 Go Pro is free!

Just checking my free app of the day app and see that city maps to go pro is free...not sure if just for today. It's a $10 app, so if you've been thinking of getting it, now is your chance!

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I'e used this all over Europe and it works very well. One night in the dark we found the British Museum and also found our way through the Placa in Athens, even better, in Venice it made navigating so easy that I use it everywhere I go now. I probably sound like a commercial but I love it when something actually works!

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Thanks for letting us know about and useful app.

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I used the free version on a trip a couple years ago and it worked most of the time in Spain without wifi - seemed to be using satellite/gps technology. I tried to use the pro version (which I downloaded for free last year, thanks to a head's-up from Nicole) and it only worked when I had wifi.

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That's weird Chani. I have to connect once to wifi when arriving in a city to get the GPS to kick in, but it works fine for me after that. (I use an iPad and don't have a plan, so I rely on wifi). If I travel a far distance, then the GPS won't work (again, until I hook up to wifi). Ex...when we did day trips from Ghent to Bruges (or Amsterdam to Haarlem), the real time pinpointing wouldn't work because I didn't get a wifi connection, but I was still able to use the map, of course.

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Downloaded app, but after loading maps, decided that works better for me - easier to read and I've spent a lot of time bookmarking what I want to see and where we are going.
Will keep this on my phone as a backup. But what I really dislike is that when I tried to set up a log-in, not only did it want my email, but also my email password. That's a huge no-no. (I don't use facebook.)

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@horse...that's why I use the City Maps - I have as well, but as you know, generally you like the one you get used to first. I was going to give another one I try - (oh, the name has escaped maps or something) and it was too busy. I've had and used City Maps since our 2013 trip to California.

For the other person who asked - we mostly use it for walking. For me, I have to hook up once arriving in a city for the GPS to find me, then it's fine without wifi. I've seen other people say they haven't had this issue and it works regardless, but maybe they have a minutes/cell plan (we don't). I don't know if you can use it for doing long distance/fast driving. On our 2013 trip to California I didn't realize until almost the end of the trip about the GPS 'following' us. We were driving around San Diego and I'm looking at the map and I'm like...wait a minute, the dot is moving! (Lightbulb comes

I download all my maps at home. There are different coloured stars so you can pin things of interest on the map. I use yellow for restaurants/dessert places I want to visit; red is where we are staying; purple is 'not to miss' sights like churches; blue is 'photo op' sites since I do some photography and will pin places I want to visit and take photos I do all this before leaving on our trip. You can search for things as well within the app - museums, street names, better known restaurants...and most of the time it shows you where it is located.

Some maps are very detailed - the Paris map is awesome - even down to the numbers and actual shapes of the buildings (when zoomed in)....others aren't quite as detailed. I like it for the fact that I can look at an area, see my star pins and then I won't miss anything. And it helps me to plan a bit - when we went back to Paris, I had some places pinned we hadn't seen yet, and I was able to go, OK...we are in such and such an area - let's do this and this and this...and nothing gets missed.

Maps also show things like metro stops, bus/tram stops etc.

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My husband and I used the Pro version (thanks to a recommendation on this forum) extensively last year during a Med cruise. It was WONDERFUL. I bookmarked some points of interest before our trip so that they were easy-peesy to find when we were walking. Mostly for recommended restaurants and for our accommodation. It worked wonders in Venice, where we typically end up very lost, and everywhere else. INCLUDING, on the flight from Rome to Toronto... we could see exactly where we were as we flew over Europe, Iceland and Greenland. It made the flight home extremely enjoyable!