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yes. I'm following the subject as I go to Italy every year, plus some other countries as a side trip.

It goes into effect tomorrow.

It will be valid for EU numbers, therefore if you buy a SIM card in Italy (with an Italian number) you won't be charged roaming fees if you straddle into France or Austria for a few days during your Italian visit.

There are some caveats. Basically it applies to basic package (promotional extra minutes/data may not be included) and it's valid only for temporary stays (so it won't be valid for an Italian who buys a SIM card in Italy and then moves to France permanently).

But for the purposes of you going to one country, purchasing a local SIM, then going temporarily into another it should work.

I'm going back at the end of the month, will have an Italian SIM, but also going into Switzerland, so we'll see. Switz is not part of the EU, but apparently most mobile carriers will apply the rule to Switz. too (we'll see that one too).

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It's already available from some carriers.

I was in London last month on my way to Switzerland. I stopped by the Vodafone shop and explained my needs to the clerk. I bought a plan with 1GB of data to use within the U.K. And 1/2GB roaming data that was usable in much of Europe. £15 and valid for 30 days.

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Hopefully the "free" roaming arrangement will eventually filter down to cellular accounts from outside the E.U., such as those of us roaming with our home provider. We seem to be a little behind with that sort of thing as the Regulator here just announced this week that they will be banning locked phones as of Dec. 1st. From that time onward, only unlocked phones may be sold.